Kenny was born November 1st, 1963, the youngest of four children to Bill and Mary Alphin. Kenny’s youth comprised much exposure to rural life on the family’s cattle farm in Culpeper, Virginia. The Alphin family farm dates back 250 years to the Revolutionary war. In the Civil War the Alphin farm served as a hospital for both the North and South. From childhood to adulthood, Kenny along with his siblings, helped run all aspects of their farm. Allowing Kenny to absorb tremendous knowledge in building, planting, harvesting crops, and tending to all livestock.

His interest in music began to develop from the age of two through singing lessons from his mother, who was the choir director at a local church. In 1981, following his junior year of high school, Kenny attended the Virginia Summer Governor’s School for the Arts at University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg to develop his artistic interests further. (17) Kenny had been nominated for the Governor’s School by three different high school faculty, a rare honor in the Culpeper County school system—namely Jane Harvey [Sisson] (art), Ashby Mitchell (mathematics), and Thomas Earles (chemistry and physics).

At the age of 14 Kenny helped build this community Volunteer Fire Department (in Salem County, VA) where he served as a volunteer Fighfighter and EMT throughout High School.  By the time Kenny graduated from high school in 1982, he had become proficient on the saxophone, in addition to showing exceptional aptitude for art, mathematics, and physics. After graduation, Kenny opened his own contracting business. Successfully growing with a reputation as a quality builder of large custom homes, subdivision’s, and business’s. However, as a result of the recession and tumbling downfall in the real estate business, in adjacent to being hit hard by the extraordinary cost of the 1980s S&L Crisis. Kenny, along with his 75 employees’ had to close their doors.

Kenny found work as a furniture and farm builder. He was approached by Ray Hubbard of Omni Construction who mentored and encouraged him to continue building. Ray partnered with Kenny to build several large commercial and residential projects through 1994. He also continued farming with his father for several years before deciding to move to Nashville for a new start.