Throughout his life, Kenny has been a strong advocate for causes that affect children, and tirelessly promotes human rights around the world. Moreover, he raises awareness and funds for both domestic and international causes, a unique stance among Country music performers.

“Compassion and grace are the balance to the extreme and hectic race we’re each running in our own lives daily. We come into the world with nothing we leave with nothing. The true treasure is in the heart and continues forever only in the wealth of our spirits. When I see how people can care so much in the trying times I believe even more in the obtainability of PEACE.”
— -Big Kenny, Haiti 1/20/2010.

LOVE EVERYBODY FOUNDATION Through Big Kenny’s foundation,, he has funded philanthropic projects in the US and throughout the world.  A key influence over this part of his life was Walt Ratterman, a tireless humanitarian. Kenny found Walt after viewing the documentary “ Beyond the call”, and Walt traveled with Kenny to Sudan in 2007. Walt had been installing solar systems for electricity in rural Health clinics, until he lost his life in the Haiti earthquake. Big Kenny manages his musical work from his “University of Creativity,” as he refers to his home studios.  From there, he coordinates all his creative and philanthropic activities with a staff of ten, including some art students from Watkins School of Design, based in Nashville.